Title: Why Fundoscopy Research is Not Mandatory for Neurosurgical Patients? Identifying the Mistake
Authors: Kolya Khachatryan, Alisa Aydinyan, Tigran Khachatryan, Marina Khachatryan

Introduction: Since Hermann von Helmholtz conducted the first funduscopy in 1851, examining the eye’s interior has gradually become an invaluable method for identifying vascular and other issues within the body. However, most neurosurgeons still rely on ophthalmologists’ notes and rarely directly observe the eye’s interior. We propose a hypothesis regarding brain blood autoregulation, which is dependent on intracranial pressure (ICP). According to this hypothesis, the blood flow in the cortex and subcortex behaves differently. The ICP acts as a regulator: when it increases, blood flow in the subcortex decreases, while blood flow to the cortex increases, and vice versa when ICP decreases. Brain function activation or depression is determined by blood flow, with different brain regions activating at specific levels of blood supply. We aim to research this hypothesis.