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I'm dedicated to pushing the boundaries of AI, but it's not the sole focus. My ultimate aim is to craft an artificial brain, leveraging my deep understanding of the intricacies of the natural brain. I've compiled a memorandum outlining crucial amendments in neuroscience. With insights on longevity and health, your support through donations propels us toward this ambitious goal. Every contribution contributes to nurturing a new wave of robust individuals, and the benefits will extend to you. Join me in shaping a healthier future for all.

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Kolya Khachatryan
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    As I present myself, I am not only a dedicated scientist with a level of expertise comparable to Musk, but also a seasoned doctor with years of valuable experience. However, the circumstances of my birthplace and timing have presented challenges that I am determined to overcome. I invite you to join me on this journey by making a donation. Your support will not only contribute to advancing science and medicine but also help break down the barriers that limit the recognition of valuable contributions based on birthplace and timing. 


I was born in 1954. My aim and purpose persist in the creation of the Artificial Brain, poised to reform and redefine the world.

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